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Our Beginnings - Our Ethos

in 2007, Ivory Keys Piano & Music Tuition began at my home, firstly teaching my two sons then extending the service to their friends from school.  This was an ideal form of income while I was studying for four years to be a High School Music Specialist and Instrumental Teacher at Edith Cowan University and the WA Academy of Performing Arts.  I was immersed in music both academically and professionally and loving it.

From there, I grew my student numbers by emparting a simplistic and flexible approach to learning -  I learned while they learned.  I became interested in Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and how Music is listed as an Intelligence on its own. I began to see how every single student progressed and developed differently according to HOW they learn best.  This is why, at Ivory Keys, there is no "one-size-fits-all", with no particular programme or book to follow.  Of course, all the necessary foundations of skill and technique, aural and rhythmic perception, notation and theory, repertoire and performance, improvisation and creativity are taught but students will always progress at different rates AND in different ways. Using a variety of ways helps students to use their own natural strengths/"intelligences" to understand and discover new pathways towards their achievements 

After completing university and working in school classrooms, I decided my double degree could be put to much better use teaching instrumental music and growing my own business, where I was most happy.   Over the years, while also teaching piano and music classes at various schools, I have developed my own studio, which now includes more teachers in our local area north-east of the river.

By recognising individual learning strengths, our teachers strive to discover what motivates their students best to retain information, become inspired and to achieve their best results as musicians. We nurture and guide them towards their own personal goals.  This is what we do best!